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This project explores the artistic possibilities of the pictorial surface, pushing the limits of its own corporeality. Hence the name of the series, "fluctuations" - where the picture plane is fractured, producing oscillations that change the dimension in which the works are framed.

For its creation, only the constituent elements of a Lack table (Ikea) were used. This intentional ironic twist intends, as a ready-made, to return the artwork from a banal object to its sacred and transcendental dimension.

Red 180°

Series Red 180° is a project supported by the Museum of Contemporary Art Gas Natural Fenosa (MAC). This series continues the investigation of the artistic possibilities of the pictorial surface. These new pieces are generated from the geometric shape the triangle, which fracture the picture and brings to the concept of surface new plastic possibilities. Also, it has added a new color which expands the aesthetic properties to the works.

Artistic deconstructions

This line of work, still in progress, is the re-interpretation by simulation of representative works in the history of art. This idea of simulation is based on the partial destruction of the collected works, meddling with the physical elements that constitute them, such as the frame, the canvas or the paint.

Artistic conversions

The works collected under the this title, although independent among each other, share a common intention: to transform vulgar or waste objects into art pieces through the manipulation and exploitation of their aesthetic qualities. In short, to create beauty from ruin.

5 roll holder 5 sculptures

This series was born simultaneously with the "fluctuations" project. It began as part of the exposition InCoruña 2013. These five sculptures, reconstructed from five Molger toilet paper roll holder (Ikea), seek to alter the viewer's perception of the original object by exploiting its inherent aesthetic qualities.

1 kg of a museum's waste objects

These works were designed and produced in the workshop by Daniel Canogar in La Coruña's MACin 2013. These pieces were built exclusively with the museum's preservation and exhibition's waste materials. This is, then, a stratified sample of such materials.


The studio is where idea and craft converge. Where time is consumed by loneliness and space is invaded by the creative act. Of fixed dimensions but changing placement. In short, a place that belongs to me as much as I belong to it.